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November 2022

Arshia successfully defended her MSc! Congratulations Arshia!

Nisandi Herath joined the lab as a volunteer undergraduate researcher. Welcome Nisandi!

October 2022

We are thrilled to announce that the lab was awarded a Azrieli Future Leaders in Canadian Brain Research grant from Brain Canada! This will fund Andrey’s work studying GRP78 (BiP) palmitoylation in glioblastomas. See the article in U of G News here and the Guelph Today article here.

September 2022

Amelia Doerksen and Fiona McIlhargey joined the lab as Undergraduate Project Researchers. Welcome to the lab!

August 2022

We attended multiple in person conferences this month. Alysha and Will gave their first poster presentations at the CBS Summer Undergraduate Student Symposium and then Alysha, Will, Andrey, Charlotte, Jordan, and Arshia all gave poster presentations at the Ontario Cell Biology Symposium. Great job everyone!

Shaun, Arshia, Charlotte, and Jordan went to Vermont to attend the FASEB The Protein Lipidation Conference for the lab’s first in-person conference. Jordan and Arshia gave fantastic poster presentations and Charlotte gave a terrific talk. Jordan and Charlotte both won runner up for their respective poster and talk. Congratulations!

June 2022

Congratulations Charlotte on being awarded a 4 year CBS Graduate Tuition Scholarship!!

The lab is 2 years old!

May 2022

Andrey gave his Brown Bag seminar and did a fantastic job!

Alysha Church joined the lab as a NSERC USRA researcher. Welcome to the lab Alysha! Will also started an NSERC USRA, welcome back Will!

Jordan and Arshia presented their first in person posters and Andrey gave his first in person talk (of their graduate careers) at the University of Guelph Neuroscience Day! You all did a fantastic job!

April 2022

Congratulations Jordan on being awarded a NSERC Canada Graduate Scholarship Master’s!

Nat finished her successful research project, great job Nat!

Charlotte transferred to the PhD program! We’re so excited for you to do your PhD in the NeuroPalm Lab!

March 2022

Arshia got into Medical School! Congratulations Arshia!

January 2022

Jordan gave his Brown Bag seminar and did a fantastic job! Congratulations Jordan!

September 2021

The first NeuroPalm Lab paper was accepted for publication! Congratulations Andrey, Jordan, Arshia, and Charlotte! This is a review we wrote for Neuronal Signaling about the role of palmitoylation in regulating axonal protein trafficking with a highlight on the axon initial segment.

Jordan Kogut came back to start his MSc after a summer break, Andrey transitioned from technician to PhD student, and Kainaat Fatima joined us to do her 4th year undergraduate research project! Welcome to, or back to, the lab! We’re excited to have you!

June/July 2021

Congratulations to Andrey on being selected as the recipient of the 2021 CBS International PhD Graduate Research Assistantship!

Congratulations to Jordan on being selected as a recipient of a 2021 CBS Graduate Tuition Scholarship!

May 2021

Congratulations Charlotte on the fantastic Brown Bag seminar!

Natalina Becke (USRA) and Will Taylor (Research Assistant) joined us for the summer. Welcome to the lab Nat and Will!!

Spring 2021

The lab was awarded a NSERC Discovery Grant to study protein trafficking in axons!

Congratulations to Jordan Kogut, Zane Stekel, and Andrey Petropavlovskiy who all got into grad school! Jordan and Andrey will continue their work in the NeuroPalm lab in fall 2021 as MSc and PhD students, respectively.

Congratulations Arshia on giving an excellent Brown Bag seminar!

January 2021

MSc student Charlotte Townsend joined the lab!! Welcome Charlotte, we’re excited to have you join us!

Shaun gave a talk during the Biochemistry Focus ECR Webinar Series – Developments in Neuroscience, hosted by the Biochemical Society in the UK.

September 2020

MSc student Arshia Leekha, technician Andrey Petropavlovskiy, and undergraduate research project students Jordan Kogut and Zane Stekel joined the lab. The first NeuroPalm lab members!

June 2020

The Sanders lab is officially open!